Anyone using a fast-cut moly WEDM?

Hi all. My company just bought a Chinese import fast-cut molybdenum Wire EDM. We are a 3d printing prototyping shop. This machine will not be used in the typical manner. I’ll mostly be using it to remove metal printed parts from the platforms that they are built on.
I’ve used a Mitsubishi MV2400-ST for this same purpose at a previous company. It was effective but slow for this application. Moly wire seems to be the way that the 3D printing industry is going to speed up the process.
My problem is that my safety officer does not approve of the cutting fluid that they sent with the machine and I need to find an alternative. It is “DIC-206 Water-Soluble WEDM Concentrate”. You can google for photos.

Anyone have any experience with this and/or know of an alternative to this type of cutting fluid?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.