Auto Filler for Wire EDM machine

Considering getting an auto filler to keep the water topped off. Other than changing the hoses every decade or so, is there any other maintenance to watch out for? It seems like a good idea considering the cost of pumps, but I don’t want to mop the shop unexpectedly either. Thanks for any input!

The simplest thing to do is set up a Garden timer, but a simple toliet flush system will give you a proper level. I would do both. A garden timer to open the valve only when you are in the shop. But be careful if you have a submersible machine you could over fill it. So that is why I would use a garden timer. First a ball valve then the timer and then go thru a DI bottle first!

Hi BlueSparks,

It is a good Idea ! BUT! use a good high quality water valve and Float. Additionally, Sometimes the manufacturer of the EDM will offer an option to do this as well. I have seen many shops that come up with their own solution ad works just fine.