Brother HS-70A won't start up


We have a Brother HS-70A that we can’t get past the Brother Splash screen. We lost the power supply to the PC and upon replacement, it won’t start up anymore. We have been told that more that likely we have a corrupted operating system. Anyone have any experience with this and possibly getting the machine running again? Brother EDM as a company no longer exists and no one seems to have a copy of the operating system. We know of a company nearby that has the exact same machine that would let us grab it off their machine is someone knew how to download and put it back on our machine.
Thank you.

Talk to Steve at Able Wire EDM in Brea California , they have 10 of these machines and they may have a copy
of the operating System . If they don’t they will know who does .

Chris Marks
Wire Cut Company Inc.

Unfortunately I have already talked with John at Able Wire and he offered some ideas but we weren’t successful. Thanks for the response though.