Cleaning work tank

I was using a chemical called crud be gone that worked great it is a Phosphoric acid with an additive that did not mess with water resistivity . It is currently on back order and I am looking for an alternative .Not interested in buying the k2000 Makino sells way to expensive .I was paying 70 bucks a bottle for k2000 .Then I discovered the Crud Be Gone .I get it from Hartwig for 34 bucks a case . Clr is not except able. What do you guys use ?

If you use chemicals for cleaning improperly your just asking for trouble. Most cleaners have some acid in them, this is bad for the machine and the water. The proper method is wiping with a cloth or using a plastic scrub brush, you can add steam for scale and buildup. But, please keep the chemicals out of the water!

I use a cleaner called Reliable EDM cleaner from EDM Performance. To reduce too much contamination of my dielectric I disconnect the drain hose from my machine tank and place it in 5 gallon buckets where I flush and drain most of the used cleaner and crud from the work tank. This significantly reduces the amount on chemicals staying in your dielectric and therefore reduces contamination.

I have been using AC500 for years. We dilute it 7oz./gal. It works pretty good. It’s around $75 per gal. I just put into spray bottles and spay one and rinse off. But, you have to keep the machine fairly clean. Use a wash down hose after each drain. If the machine is really dirty, you can use a higher mix and it will clean it. I get it from Midwest EDM. It is marketed as an EDM cleaner.

Sorry, that’s only 90% effective. Never pour any cleaner in the tank, as much as you flush it won’t all come out, it also does damage to other components like power cables and etc… Only spray on the rag and wipe then rinse or use steam. In my 40 years of cleaning EDM machines I have never found a cleaner that’s is safe, I don’t care what the salesman says. I’m in the business of cleaning machines and I found the best way is steam and a plastic scrub brush. Remember it’s your meal ticket, treat the machine like you are paying for it!

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I use E-Z Klean. It’s not too harsh. Put it on a shop towel, then clean the tank. I wipe down the tank everyday to keep the “dirt” in check.
Worst thing is to let it go for a while, then try to clean it. I also use Lime Away on a q-tip for guide heads.