EDM fluid side effect

Is there a dielectric fluid that is better on your hands. The fluid we are burning with makes my fingers split and the skin dies, I use gloves and wash my hands often but even the residual oil that was washed off with acetone still reacts the same. I’ve been in this trade for over forty years and never had this happen before.

Not sure which oil you are currently using, but normally, the synthetic ones fare better. They are less aggressive on the skin and last much longer in the machine. More traditional, mineral based oils are more harsh on the skin. They also tend to break down quicker in the machine. THis is not unlike your cooking oil going rancid, it just gets nasty and more aggressive on everything it touches. The fully synthetic oils normally don’t do that.
You could ask whoever you purchased the dielectric from to have the manufacturer do an analysis - this would show if the oil is just too old of possibly contaminated…

It’s aggravating, for sure. If I had a dime for every time I washed my hands during a shift…well, I’d still be broke.
I use some pretty tall gloves that extend halfway up my forearm and slide on and off easily after fighting the same issues. I’ve learned to not drop my Erowa retention knobs with them on and now it’s just second nature.

We sell Iono Plus EDM oil. We also use it in house on our sinkers here. I have had no complaints on skin irritation with it from any customer. If you are interested in switching I can get you a quote.

Evolution Plus from Electrodes Inc is just as good as Iono Plus and is probably a little cheaper. I didn’t say cheap, but cheaper. It’s very easy on the hands. I have experienced the same problems in the past during my 35 year career, so I can relate. But both of these dielectrics perform very well and never tear up my skin.