Edm identification

HI to all this is my first posting and im asking for any information on the following machine.
but first a little background.
20yrs ago i purchased an old edm machine manufactured by a company in southern uk called concept edm
it was an excellant m/c being a bench type and 10 amp power i was so impressed by its action so i found another one and bought that also well i think you can see where this is leading both m/c have now stopped working as the company stopped trading years ago i can find no help here but as thousands of these maachines were made and they were well made to last i feel certain some one must have information regarding their circuitry etc so any help would be appreceated.
sorry for the ramble and spelling

Hello David. What’s the machine make and model…

Thank you for replying the make is a concept edm mk4 machine they were made by Concept edm machines in bucks in southern england
They were 10amp bench type machines and were made about 25years ago and were popular with home machists like me

I too have fixed up a few old EDMs. I have worked on many makes over the last 30 years and have found few that support their machines more than 10 years out. Currently I have a Leblond Makino that is 31 years old and still get parts direct from Makino, and it still runs great, have you thought of looking at another brand?

Many thanks for your reply but parts are not a problem as most are available from electronic companie on the web .my problem is idenifying its faults i know someone out there will suddenly remember it and be able to help .
I live in hope
But thanks anyway