Electrodes are not burning accurately to each other need help

Hello everyone!
I am have issues with a tipping die I’m burning. The burn is 1.425" deep, major dia. is .0963 with a 4.2 degree taper down to a .0275" minor dia. with a .013 flush hole. I am running 3 electrodes, #1 is .003, #2 is .005, and #3 is .008 undersized. The problem I’m having is one of the electrodes is flexing so one of them doesn’t line up with the rest of them. I indicate all the electrodes twice and the die as well. please tell what I’m doing wrong.

Sounds like you are pushing trodes down to fast. slow down feed, or soften jump cycle
also barely have your flush on. if its a thru hole, try flushing up thru hole

thanks for the information, I appreciate it.

C axis rotation really helps keep things round if it’s a round burn. Flushing could be the problem if particles are settling and not evacuating, so bottom flushing upwards was a good suggestion. Jump cycles help the flush but add cycle time. Also it’s a tipping die (carbide assumed), carbide could be the entire problem.

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What type/grade of electrode material are you using and what type of workpiece material are you burning into, if you don’t mind sharing… Cheers.

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Ditto that. For small trodes, like your example, I like to find a piece of copper impregnated graphite (Poco C200) to ruff with. Burns clean, flushes good! It’s expensive so I never throw it away; I recycle that stuff over and over again.

For precision holes I use a Roto-Bore with a Centri-Tilt attachment. Use 2 indicators (one at the top of the trode, one at the bottom) to zero out angled electrodes. Also use an indicator in the Roto-Bore to pick up part zero.