Fanuc short start

Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone know a way to do a short start on a Fanuc wire? I am having trouble wiring some ejector pins and it would really help me for the machine to be able to start while making contact. Everyone I have asked said it can not be done, but I figured I’d see if yall knew a way.
Thank you

No Fanuc here but, if you don’t have an Auto-Short Escape feature, you can try to “slingshot” the wire. I’ve had luck in the past doing this to get a spark started. Unfortunately if you have several parts it might be a pain.
Once you start the program turn your Wire Tension way down, no High Pressure Flushing, but adjust your Low Pressure up and down. Hopefully doing this you can get the wire to move away from your Short Circuit just enough to start a spark and start burning. If you get it to start then just work your way back to your normal conditions.
All situations are different but I hope this can help in some way.

Raise head and tap on wire with a pencil with low tension

I’ve slid nonconductive tape or thin shim plastic to get the wire through the first few lines.