Fanuc Wire Problem

Hello Everyone, I have a Fanuc Wire that we recently moved in the shop and now the U,V and Z axis are highlighted red. I can still move them but I am not sure how to clear the highlight. When I have the reset button pressed the rest of the axis are highlighted red. Did the movers disconnect something?
Thank you

You have to set the machine to zero the maintenance manual. Explains it

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It sounds like those axis moved when the power was off. When this happens, you have to reset the machine origin point (rehome the axis). If you have the manuals for the machine, they will walk you through the process. It’s simple if you can find the instructions. What model and year do you have? It is a little different depending on the machine and years they were made. I have 6 Fanucs and there is a different method for all of them. Similar, but different.


Yes, I had to set the machine zeros. The problem was the manual didn’t explain when you get the alarm I was getting you have to power down the machine. Once I powered down the machine I was able to finish the procedure. Thank you guys for all the help!

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