H20 Dielectric Sinker EDM

Ya, Sounds crazy but we have a couple of Sodick sinkers running with Di water. One cuts nitinol and the other is burning aluminum. We have learned a lot but there is so much more. Anyone else in this same predicament? This isn’t my first EDM rodeo. Started in 79’.

@burnman that is crazy! I have never heard of running a sinker without EDM Fluid. I run some Sodick machines here in my shop and I’m interested in the if it runs the same?

I wish I could say it is just a fluid change. Were burning aluminum with copper electrodes. It gets an aluminum oxide coating that is non conductive. Non conductive and EDM don’t mix well. The DI water level is critical as well. We had been burning these parts for a year until some bright engineer requested EDM in DI water. Even my hole poppers don’t like aluminum with DI water.

I have eliminated much of the oxide coating by using graphite electrodes in Dielectric oil when burning aluminum…my question? why use copper electrodes to burn aluminum?