Have a fanuc 1e, since the beginning cannot get any filter life, tried all sorts of filters. An

Run a fanuc 1e, have no luck getting good filter life. Tried them all with same results.

call belmont edm and ask for Juan. He will be able to help you find anything.

What material are you cutting? Some stuff is just so crappy taht you can’t get much life out of any filters.

Regular tool steel, a2 4140 Crs.

What brand of filters are you using & do you have the part number handy?

What do you consider poor filter life? I get 250-300 hours using filters from Midwest EDM. They are owned by Alternative Machine Tool. P/N UEF-43F-DF These are for a iE. They have filters for different machines. I like these.

I use Mann filters that I order from Belmont .I get between 400-500hrs
On them.When cutting aluminum , those numbers go down as well.
But cutting mostly P20 ,S-7, those numbers are pretty consistent.
Check with your sales guy also to make sure your using the right micron
Filter.Depending on what your cutting , you may be using the wrong ones.
And last but not least , make sure you keep your machine clean.

I’m lucky to get 60 hrs, seems like they work fine for about 25 hrs and than they just rite up. Cutting regular tool steel usually 3 inches or less.

What’s happening with your filters? Is your machine alarming out? They can’t be getting clogged up so bad you can’t use them?I’ve had some blow out the sides,but that’s after I’m way over my hrs.Not sure if it’s the filters or something else with your machine I guess .Hows your resin?Is it keeping your water deionized properly?Just trying to figure out what your dealing with so I can better understand and maybe myself or someone out there can help you out.

Resins good, I’m thinking the high pressure pump is clogged or there something restricting the flow, I don’t know, and all fanuc tells me is too run the Mann 1490 which I did with no luck plus they’re pretty expensive too be changing out every 50 hrs.