Justifying the Cost of Coated Wire

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Coated wire delivers an estimated 20% increase in profit, and a 20-30% increase in cutting speed, but it’s more expensive than brass wire.

Is it worth it?

We think so. Consider than any shop’s most valuable profit driver is its hourly billable rate. Because coated wire is 25% faster than brass wire, it yields more billable hours. In fact, assuming you bill at a typical $60 per hour rate, coated wire provides 520 additional hours of billable shop time. (See this breakdown in the chart below.)

While some balk at the higher cost of coated wire, the actual manufacturing cost of consumed coated wire is small when compared to your billable rate. Again, consider a $60 per hour rate, and factor in an operational cost of 18% for coated wire consumption, and 10% for brass wire consumption. That’s only an 8% difference. 

The benefits of increased profit, speed and productivity outweigh that minor cost. See a breakdown of coated wire operational and part costs in the charts below.

Additional billable machine time with operational costs

  • Cost benefit analysis between brass wire and coated wire
  • Operation cost model comparison for 1 year of operation (2,080 hours)

Increased machining speeds with part costs

  • Cost benefit analysis between brass and coated wire
  • Operation cost model comparison for 1 year of operation (2,080 hours)
  • Coated wire provides a total lower cost of operation for the same output 

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Webinar: https://www.makino.com/resources/content-library/webinars/archive/selection-of-coated-edm-wires-what-technology-are-you-missing-/375

My supplier is working with me right now to help find me the best coated wire for my needs. We are recording the time of cut and how accurate they are cutting. It is very interesting how many types and how they all cut. I am a mold maker so we don’t usually cut the same thing twice which is making it more difficult to find the right one me me. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

What machine are you cutting with? That can help narrow down the choices.

i am using a Fanuc Robocut.

The right choice for the wire may depend on additional factors like material, desired surface finish, flushing conditions or if you are cutting significant tapers. Both Bedra and Thermocompact have good selection tools that you can find at Bedra and Thermocompact
There are some really good, all-around wires in the market that provide a nice combination of speed increase while providing good surface finish and precision. Bedra’s HyperCut, Megacut Plus, and gapstar products fall into this category. From Thermo there are JP, JP2, JP+ and Optima-Z products.
Hope this helps!!

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