Looking for input on a Makino U3

We’re looking to replace a machine and a quote for a Makino U3 wire came in. I know some of you have experience with Makino and the U series. What’s great, good, okay, not so good or bad when dealing with the company or the machines? I trust operator opinions over salesman 100%!

I run a Makino U6 HEAT with “V” guide. We’ve had it for 2 years. It is the first and only WEDM machine I’ve ever ran. I have haven’t had any issues with the machine and their support is great. Not sure what programming software you have, we bought Fikus software through our CAD software. I have to manually reprogram some of the 4X programs to do what I want in the Makino. I would rather have had Makino’s program software so its a one stop shop for issues between programming and machine.

We are new to Makino with an older machine U53K. Once we logged in to Makino website and paid fee, service has been good, reliable, and expedient. No complaints

As a complete EDM noob, the Makino U3 has been a godsend. The control is the best I’ve used on any machine. Not sure what something means? Just click the little i next to it and the digital user’s manual pops up. Maintenance items even have videos showing you exactly how to do things. For the tolerances we need, Both Away Precision cutting is incredibly accurate. The service has been pretty good. You have to start a ticket with a phone call and I’d prefer an email option since sometimes you want to send code or a photo and the phone call is just one unnecessary step. We thought the machine would only occasionally be used but now it frequently has a queue of parts waiting. In 5 years, nothing major has broken. Just do the service and everything just works. Programming with FeatureCAM. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.