Need on-site Current EDM hole drill service

Good day -

I’ve got two Current EDM CT500 hole drills I need “brought back to life” after we’ve moved them to a new facility (Cincinnati area). Our electrical contractors have unwired them for transport - and they’ll rewire them at the new facility. The problem is that these guys aren’t really machine/control guys - and they’ve put stuff back together not-quite-right in the past.

We’re a small group and we don’t have a true maintenance group internally, so we go straight to Current EDM when the level of difficulty/understanding exceeds that of the process engineers (like me). But right now, Current isn’t sending out technicians due to Covid.

We just need someone to come in who can verify the wiring - and if when we hit the power on, can troubleshoot if the two machines don’t come back to life. We can handle to alignment checks (and realignment), process re-start-up, etc.

Know someone? Please respond. Thanks.


I am can help you out, I worked for Charmilles and Makino as a service tech and have been retired for a short time. I have worked on 1000’s of EDM machines and would like a short gig like you have described. What’s your time frame?

Thanks for the offer, 3BD, but we’re looking for someone with direct experience troubleshooting and repairing Current CT500 hole drills. They tend to be special - and not always in a good way.


FYI, I do go back to day one with Current, so if you need help let me know.

Ok, I’ll certainly keep that in mind. Thanks.