Overburn on Electrodes

Hi everyone! I’m curious on how everyone cuts their electrodes to achieve the desired overburn. At my shop, we just call the cutter small.

With our software we just tell the over burn

We use Mastercam and cut our electrodes at -.005 stock to leave. Then burn them in our Mitsubishi EA12S using a .005 undersize in the program.

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We use powershape to pull trodes powermill to cut and overburn varies on data
Sample a fat rib will get more overburn
Normally we are between .005 and .007

We burn in are eagle machine

I used to do the same thing - lie about the cutter Ø. Around 20 years ago, I started modeling the over burn onto the model.

A few of the advantages to this method is that the electrode is more accurate, inspection sheets will match the electrode geometry, and if a CMM is used to inspect, the electrode will match the model