Picking out a new machine

We are starting to look at a new wire machines. How do others like the Makino edm’s.
Our shop currently has 2 charmilles robofil 510’s, 1 charmilles robofil 440 and 1 Agie VP2

We have a Makino U3. It is my first experience with EDM and I absolutely love this machine. The interface and software is the best in our shop that also has a Mazak Integrex i100s and Haas VF1. Setup and maintenance is simple. Threading works great. I feel like the only thing preventing this machine from reaching it’s true potential is my own lack of knowledge.

I feel that if your looking at a new wire one needs to consider what you need it for like the type of work. I have a Mitsubishi MV1200R and I love this wire. Very energy efficient and consumption of wire use is very low. Plus with all Optical magnetic Drives except for the Z axis offer a 12-year positioning accuracy. No ball screws to worried about. The wire feeder is the best that I have every seen. I have had to feed a 0.010 wire through a 0.02 popped hole an inch above the part. I feel this machine (version R) offers a good all-around wire. You can even stop working on a current job and do something else on a different location then return back to the other. But I don’t need a better finish then a Ra of 2-3 on steel and carbide or do heavy tapering even though it can do 45° with optional guides and flush cups. If you need to do heavy tapering like the extrusion dies it’s hard to beat an Agie. So every wire offers its own advantages. Like Seibu has a wire the brass wire welds the slug in to be removed by slight tapping it out after roughing all the pockets.
I wish you luck finding your perfect wire for you.


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Thank you for your input Albert. That is the machine I have had my eye on as well.
A shop near us has one and they just love it.


We have 4 MITS 2400 and love it. User friendly, low wire usage, easy to maintain.

No matter what machine you buy… it must be properly cleaned and maintained in a timely manner.

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