Precision Carbide Cutting

Hello folks, New to the page.
I have a Makino U3 Wire EDM Machine. Currently running .008 Brass coated wire and cutting out carbide tooling inserts. Running Opticam Classic 8.0 Cam software.
When I cut the inserts out of 1.5" x 1.0" blades, I run a ruled surface 4 axis program to cut a profile out on 1 side of the insert.
When I get to small angles, they either disappear or undercut. I believe its from dwell time while changing the U/V axis but was looking for others thoughts.
Really would like to cut straight lines and angles, but it seems to be a common problem.

Any Suggestions?

A wire guy named Rusty…that’s awesome! :grin:
(I have no advice because I’m a sinker guy.) Cheers, man.

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Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: Just dont “Skip” any holes. LOL

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So just an update. I learned about offset geometry, square corner geometry, 3d offsets, and ruled surface constraints. Ruled surface constraints solved almost 100% of my problems. Turns out when cutting 4 a isn’t the lower head tends to idle behind causing undercuts and crappy angles. By implementing ruled surface constraints, I’m able to put both heads where I want them. Works great. Using Opticam Classic, Makino wire. Great service and support with that software.