Preventing rust build up

Was wondering what to use to prevent tool steel from rusting in wire machine.Without using additives ,I’ve tried WD40 mostly,but it’s messy and doesn’t work too good.Anything out there to spray or wipe on parts before wire cutting that’s safe and works?2020-11-21T05:00:00Z

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I use RUSTLICK 631 when I am worried about water marks or the part will be in the tank for quite some time. I wipe it on with a rag and try to use a minimal amount.

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I just started using a spray on called Mold Shield from Slide with good results. Its a dry rust preventive.

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@Bige I also use mold shield from slide and it works great. Nothing like cutting pockets in a brand new mold base and having it rust in the wire lol.

Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it very much . This should be a big help as well .

I use a very thin layer of white lithium grease, applied with an applicator made from rolled up dense felt. We do thousands of stacked, thin cutters per year in the WEDM and it doesn’t present any problems cutting. I’ve tried everything imaginable over the years and the white lithium works best. After running the job, cleanup is relatively easy, using a shop cloth with a little mineral spirits after the work tank is drained and dry. Hope this helps!

We use the Mold Shield from Slide as well. We try to spray it on and let it dry a little before going in the tank. But, I’ve sprayed it in the tank before starting the program because I forget and it still seems to work good. I haven’t noticed it affecting anything with clogging filters like we’ve had with other pour in products.

I find just to clean the parts after wiring is much safer to keep the cleanness of the water.
To clean the part after wire I use AC500 at a diluted ratio of 1:12 and it’s maker is Rochester Midland Corporation which is available from Its active ingredient is phosphoric acid.

Here is the safe data sheet link:

Caution: (1) NOT RECOMMENDED BY WIRE EDM MANUFACTURES for cleaning the machines
They feel cleaning the diamond guides in a ultrasonic tank with this acid it will etch
away the binder material.
(2) Do not leave on the parts to long it will discolor the parts or become acid etched.
(3) Use at least nitrite gloves and safety glasses when using.

For small parts it works great in a ultrasonic tank. Then for lager parts just a spay bottle and a cheap paint bush in a sink to rise off promptly. In the ultrasonic tank do not let the mix get to dirty. For instance if your cleaning a bunch of small copper parts to make them look great and free of wire residue the tank becomes dirty with some copper particles. So always clean after that, because if you don’t and try to clean some steel parts after that it will become sightly copper plated.

Hopefully this helps,