Refurbished Drive board DMD-14 for Agie Classic

Is there a company that refurbishes PCB for Agie, I have Drive board DMD-14 for the Spool drive motor. I bought a used Agie last year and I expected that I would have to put money into it, But It’s come to the point where I’m afraid to turn it off in fear it wont start again.
The support guys a GF are great at what they do, but who ever sets the prices on the parts. let’s just said I don’t know how people can afford to run a Agie wire machines a Refurbish board from GF $7800! there is like 40 boards in this machine? Any does anyone know a company that repairs or refurbishes Agie PCBs

If you are still looking for that board. We may have one. We stripped an Agie Classic and have all of the critical parts including the boards.
We will need to compare the machine to make sure they are the same version. If you want, tell me what year and model you have and I’ll let you know if what we have is compatible.

I found the place that refurbishes boards and had it "so call fixed " but still getting the same error, I’m sending it back with the motors the 3 motors it drives , but I may be interested , the machine is a 2002 classic 2S, I can give you my email if you want to do look into this more.


What we have is compatible with your machine. It was a 2003 Agie Classic 3S.
I can send you pictures of the board and deck. Here is my email: