Small hole drilling settings

Hi everyone I have a Genspark America small hole drill and it didn’t come with any manuals. I can get it to pop holes but is it super slow. Any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I use .5mm 1mm and 2mm pipes. Thank you!

The manuals are available online

@Sparky Thank you, I will look them up.

If your using tube for over .5mm you might want to try using multi channel ,especially in the thicker parts.

@Robenzo I will order some now. Thank you!

I am hole popping with a .2mm brass tube in 1/2in PH4140.

I am getting between 300-400% wear on these little guys.

Does anyone have any tips or advice as far as general settings?

Im running a River600hp, it is kind of a generic machine company Methods bought and there aren’t many around so ill take any general advice I can get.