Sodick and Fanuc Wire EDM comparison

So I work in a small parts machine shop in the Tool Room making custom cutting tools. We have a Sodick AG400L and we are looking to get a second. Recently our Sodick went down in a big way and it took service 2 weeks to get out here. The machine runs fantastic when working, but the recent problem with getting service out was an issue. So we are looking at possibly getting a Fanuc machine. Just curious if anyone has any experience with either. I would be especially grateful to anyone that has worked with both of them. Personally I think staying with Sodick makes more sense. I have been told all of our current programs would work just fine on either one. But I would welcome any input.


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Hi there . I have programmed and ran Fanuc wires since the late 80’s. Also ran a charmilles and currently have a makino duo 64 with Fanuc wire machines .
No experience with sodick though . I really like the Fanuc machines and would buy them all day long . Very rigid and easy to use in my opinion . I’m sure others feel that way about theirs as well. Best self threading machines by far compared to the others . Very important for unattended running of jobs with multi pockets or holes . Anyways I’ve also had good service when needed. I program these with mastercam also . Any questions or concerns please ask , I’ll give you my honest opinion. Of what I’ve learned and dealt with .
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@TexTooling I have a Sodick and Fanuc. The Fanuc is a very good machine but it is a big learning curve. It is twice as hard to learn but when you do it will work fine.