Thoughts on Sodick Wire machines

Anyone here that runs or has run Sodick machines? We’re looking for a used machine and the sales guy is a Sodick fanboy. I need OPERATOR input. Are they hard to learn? Expensive to service? Long-lasting? I know many of you guys have vast brand experience. Coming from Charmilles, it may be hit or miss.
Thanks in advance!

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I have 2 Sodicks. One is an AQ537L bought brand new in 2008. I love this machine, it has always been a great machine and very reliable. All these years later just shy of 20,000hrs still holds .0002. Maintenance is simple and consumables are priced well. I did have to replace a board in it this year.

Newer one is an ALN600G little over a year old. Much better cutting technologies and some other useful technologies. It has proven to be a good machine for sure, took me a little to adjust from the way I run the older one.

Both machines are easy to maintain, like I said consumables are priced well and last a good amount of time. Service has always been good for us too. The controls are very user friendly and basically self explanatory.

I’ve only ran these 2 wires so I don’t mean to be a “fanboy” but they are all I know. I would think like any machine though switching from one to another has its ups and downs.

I had a Sodick SL400G at my last shop. Good machine, very little to no maintenance was required to keep it going, really just wire and filters over the 6 years or so that I had it. pretty intuitive control that was easy to learn, though we did program offline with esprit. Online programming software was good for simple 2 axis cuts.

@bostontrader I love the Sodick machines! Super easy to learn even for nonwire guys.