VDI 3400 texture

I’m looking for a VDI 3400 texture plaque (card). The only place I have been able to find one is in China.
$149.00 price, $80 FedEx shipping, $75.00 wire transfer fee. Just a little more than I want to pay for a 6x4 piece of plastic. Does anyone know where I could find one here in the USA? I would much appreciate it.

Have you tried contacting Poco Graphite? They used to have available the “Plastic Surface Finish Gauge”. It was machine brand specific to Agie, Charmilles, Makino, Mitsubishi (the one I have) and Ona. One side uses Poco EDM-200 and the other side uses Poco EDM-3 graphite grades to produce the master for the the plastic gauge.

I will give them a try. Thanks.