What machines do you run?

I’ve run older Charmilles machines for years; a 1998 400, 1997 310, both retired, now a 1999 Charmilles 290, and a 2012 AMS AW5SL (Chmer upscale division)

What brand(s) do you run these days and what do you like/love/hate?

I love the Charmilles because they design their generators to work hard to not break the wire.
I like the AMS because while it breaks wire more often, it rethreads fast and is deadly accurate.

Al in SE MA


Currently running FANUC wires and Hansvedt sinkers, but I have run pretty much everything, excluding Makino in the past.

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I am running Fanuc wire machines and Sodick sinkers.

Mits 90SB, MV1200S and MV2400R.

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I run two Sodick wires. One is a AQ537L from 08 and a new ALN600G. Only machines I have ever ran so I am a little bias. I love these machines though, easy maintenance, very reliable and accurate and the newer AWT on the ALN is awesome.

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@jz814 We have two sodick sinkers a AM35l and a AG80. We are looking into getting a Sodick wire, so I am happy to hear the good reviews.

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That’s great, I hope you guys end up getting one. The service has always been great as well, easy to talk with.

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Sodick BF275 wire (mid 80’s), Sodick A320 Wire Mid 80’s, Agie DEM 315 Wire Agie HSS150, Japax Wires, Makino cnc sinkers and U3 Wire, LT Pulsitron sinker (70’s and 80’s) Charmille 230 wire, Mitsubishi CX20 wire, Mitsubishi FA wire. …yeah, im old.

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We run a variety of machines. Sodick sinkers AQ35L, AG 40L. Makino sinkers EDAF2, Sodick wires AQ300L, AQ325L,AG400L. Mits wire 2400R, FA 20s. Makino wire U3, U3i, SP43, U6, and just recently received a UP6 Heat. As you can see, we run a little of everything.

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I currently run a Makino U3. Had 1 week of training to learn the EDM, Autodesk Inventor, and WIZ. Now using Opticam instead of WIZ. Its been a fun adventure but loving every minute of it. Just learning to fine tune burns, hoping to gain more knowledge here!

7 Mitsubishi Wire Machines ranging from 2000 FX-20 to a 2019 MV2400ST.

What is your Mits pick for tool & die work? They seem pretty solid. We’re still looking for a decent used machine.

The MV machine has a great auto threader. WE have the MV 2400 and 1200 R and S machines.
The R machine has the fine finish that we use for a few customers who are punching stainless and require a very smooth finish. The S (standard) will produce a good enough finish for 95% of what our customers require.
Our MV-2400 is the ST and has the capacity of 16.5" on Z.
Depending on your needs whether to go with the 2400 or 1200 R or S machine.
However I love the auto threaders and they are quite reliable. Mits service is great as well.
I removed a machine last year that was a 1985 that we used for rough EDM cuts. They had service and support for the machine up to the day we pulled it from service.