Wiring thru crap in steel

been wiring this part for many years, material invar.
2nd time I came across a spot that cant wire thru, must be crap in steel at this one spot
using MITS MV with .010 wire.
any ideas how to power thru?
used different speeds and epaks

I have run into this situation in Invar also.
I was lucky enough that the contour allowed me to wire around the area and grind later.
It left a void. It was customer supplied material, they said it was some kind of contaminate.
(Possibly silicate). It was totally non-conductive.

Got thru crap in steel by using low power and speed.

Or around crap.
It’s only happened twice in a lifetime, but I reprogrammed to come at the inclusion from the other side of the shape and tapped out the shape cracking the material (It is usually over cut from the wire deflecting) and the inclusion…the wire cut path is generally messed up at that point and if the inclusion is large enough welding doesn’t help. You still have a weak section at the weld/inclusion. But you can show the customer the inclusion.